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Super popular language

This class is meant for kids who have done some degree of programming like Scratch or App Inventor and are ready to move on to the next level. This course introduce Python’s basic programming constructs and some simple graphic drawing using the Turtle module.

OOP Python

Object Oriented Python

This class has a pre-requisite. Kids should have completed the Python class.

When we get into more serious programming, we need some kind of model to help us translate some of the programming challenges into coding. Object Oriented programming is such a model.

This class will introduce the concept of Object to kids in a way thats relating and familiar to them. After which we will show kids how to use it in programming using Python.


Your first cup of coffee

Do you know Android apps are natively coded in Java programming language? If the kids are into writing games or apps for the Android platform, a good understanding of Java is required. This class is about the basic of Java programming demonstrating the all familiar constructs used in all programming languages.